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Medieval Style Modern Bathroom Ideas

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

If you're looking for inspiration for your upcoming remodel or just need a new decoration idea for the bathroom, the medieval style is an option you should try. Consider incorporating natural materials, as well as an emphasis on functionality and simplicity, for the bathroom.

Transforming the space and elevating the bathroom with the sleek, functional aesthetic of medieval, modern design is a novel option that you must try. This style brings warmth and elegance, easy to help you relax after tiring working hours.

1. Using wooden cabinets

Using wooden cabinets as a vanity in the bathroom is always an idea that is suitable for all times. Slim legs, clean lines, minimalist decor, and brass fixtures make it an essential part of any medieval-style bathroom. The color of the wood stands out against the background, and the white brick walls make the vanity the focal point of the room. The angular shapes counterbalance the round mirror, and the soft rug helps to bring out the warm wood tones.

2. Use pastel colors as accents

You can experiment with soft pastel tones. Bathroom floor tiles are ideal for cool colors, such as light blue fish scale tiles. The soft-toned dressing table, along with the sconce and curved mirror, creates an elegant look.

3. Use patterned floors

Black and white bathroom floor tiles help make a playful addition to a neutral bathroom design without making it look overwhelming. Tiles and stickers are a friendly alternative to laying a new floor.

4. Blend with the beach style

This bathroom is the perfect example of a fusion style. The wooden bathroom vanity and bold geometric floor tiles seen here are medieval-style essentials, while the blue and white floor tiles recall the waves that make up the earth soil, a typical coastal color palette.

Get creative with coastal accents, like wall-mounted surfboards or round wire mirrors, and pair them with classic staples, like clean-lined furniture and nature-inspired accents. . .

5. Create a Medieval Modern Look

For many people, a bathroom is a quiet place. For a flawless, elegant medieval look, prioritize clean lines and minimal decor. Neutral tones, wooden vanity with hairpin legs, gold hardware, mosaic floor tiles, and wall lights add a distinct medieval flair.

6. Rack design that lifts off the floor

Floating vanities are a practical choice for small bathrooms. Lifting the vanity of the floor creates the illusion of more space and also makes cleanup easier. In this bathroom, the floating vanity, geometric floor tiles, and floor tiles are hallmarks of mid-century modern design, while matte black accents give it a contemporary look.

7. Use bricks everywhere

Modernists have not been afraid to come up with classic square or rectangular shapes when it comes to floor tiles. Medieval floor tiles are usually triangular, pentagonal, or hexagonal and are not limited to decoration. White brick is a classic, timeless color that always brings a clean look to a space. You should also try creating accents by pairing neutrals with gold hardware for extra warmth.

8. Use wooden planks

Wood cladding is the main feature of this design. In addition to practicality, durability, and relatively low cost, this natural material has always been favored for its coziness and comfort. Here, wooden floors lend a medieval lightness, while painted wall panels keep the bathroom looking fresh.

It also creates a subtle layer of texture and is visually appealing. Natural elements can be added to the bathroom design with a rattan basket and warm brown ceramic tiles.

9. Use textured bricks

Fun textures are the trademark of this decor, and the bathroom is the perfect place to experiment with bold designs. Try incorporating bold geometric shapes into the bathroom with tiles for an undeniable homage to medieval style.

10. Using Medieval Lamps

If you're not ready for a complete bathroom overhaul, turn to mid-century lighting for a classic look. A brass sconce and milky glass panels add a touch of luxury. Or you can try to order another iconic medieval-style modern lighting design that is unique.

11. Choose the right tile color

Stylish, functional, and affordable tiles are suitable for medieval decor. Their simplicity gives them a timeless quality that easily adapts to various styles.

White would be an excellent choice for small bathrooms, as its shiny finish will reflect light around the room, creating a cleaner and more airy look. You should create alignment with black bathroom accessories and warm copper accents for a beautiful space.

12. Using bathroom equipment

You can easily see the recurring theme of this style of gold and brass utensils throughout. That's because these warm metal pieces are popular in middle-aged styles for hardware, lighting, furniture, and accessories. You should stick to the guidelines from the middle of the last century by looking for the actual colors of the materials, such as brass, copper, and gold. Brass bathroom accessories will be polished to create a warm, striking accent against the black tile background.

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