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14 Ways to Decorate the Balcony Garden for Beginners in Small Apartments

Here are some apartment balcony garden decorating ideas you should refer to if you want to turn your balcony into the most comfortable space.

1. Use green carpet or artificial grass

Instead of simple tile or flooring, use a green carpet or artificial grass to create a garden feel right on your balcony floor. You can also use wood imitation tiles to look more beautiful, bringing beauty to your balcony.

2. Planting trees on the railing

Install shelves or flower boxes hanging outside along the railing to create more space. This is great for those living in a studio with a compact outdoor space.

3. Use decorative pots

In addition to the balcony, you can use decorative pots or create a balcony garden. A hanging basket is also a tool not to be missed. You can grow flowers, herbs, and even tomatoes in hanging baskets.

4. Add small furniture

Set a small table with two chairs, and you can enjoy the fresh air with a cup of coffee or morning tea.

5. Add a trellis for climbing plants

Create a small climbing frame for support or purchase a climbing rig. You can do it with wooden slats or bent steel bars with simple colors to create a relaxing space.

6. Hanging Shelves

If possible, arrange an old shelf or something to put your potted plants on it. This will also create more space and be greener.

7. Decorate with statues

Place design elements like a statue, lantern, or candlestick, or hang colorful pictures on the wall. You can also add other garden accessories that will suit your small space.

8. Use different types of lights

Make sure there is enough light for the night, in any color you like. Plant some nocturnal scented plants like nicotiana, primrose, four o'clock, or nocturnal jasmine for fragrance.

9. Mirror Hanging

Hang mirrors along the balcony walls for added appeal. You can also frame the mirror with macrame, seashells, or other decorative materials.

10. Use a bright and vibrant color palette

The color scheme plays a vital role in creating the attraction as well as the impression of the space. Use vibrant furniture and light rugs, or simply paint the walls a light color to match the overall beauty of the place.

11. Install the swing

It would be great if you had an alternative enjoyment swing for those who dislike the tables and chairs to bathe in the morning sun and enjoy the evening breeze enjoying the city view at night.

12. Use a light towel

Bright upholstery fabric can take your balcony space to the next level.

13. Small herb garden

If you are a fan of organic herbs, why not grow them on your balcony? Stacked shelves, tubs, or small pots will be ideal options.

14. Glass balustrade

Glass balustrades add elegance to the balcony. You can also display colorful flowers or houseplants for a more fabulous look.

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