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4 Lovely Small Gardens That You Will "Fall in Love" at First Sight

These different style gardens are inspired by a sweet vintage-style motel, developed with a home-grown vegetable area, or decored with afternoon chairs to watch the sunset. All these features aim to create a comfortable atmosphere and light up your smooth after a long working day.

A garden that many people enjoy and care about, thanks to its interior design and decoration, reaches a beautiful landscape. It is difficult to describe the beauty of this garden because it is scarce to find similar cases anywhere. Some observers think this will be the standard of garden design in the next few years.

1. Sweet rest house

The house owner builds a small motel with a moderate area on pillars higher than the ground. The design is not new, but recently it has not been used much, making viewers feel strange and loved.

The outside appearance of the motel is like this. Chiffon material is used to create softness and sweetness for the space.

When the afternoon sun of a long day shines on the scene with a small guesthouse, it creates a poetic beauty that is hard to say.

2. Common living space

It's great when your family has a beautiful garden, and it's even better when you arrange a shared living space for the whole fam in that garden. Here, the house owner chooses the dining table as the living space arranged in the yard. Outdoor parties and parties will blow up, thanks to this wonderful catalytic space.

The drooping green branches cover this living space, reminiscent of past fairy tales.

A set of small tables and chairs with long fixed seats helps your family and friends comfortably play, enjoy and chat together.

3. Green vegetables and fruits

Referring to the garden is indispensable for vegetables and fruits already. This garden is no exception. The owner has skillfully planted various plants to turn the garden into a mini farm in his house. Meet not only the needs of living but also beautify the house more beautiful and diverse.

Not following conventional designs, the owner of the house uses a large wooden tub like this to grow vegetables neatly and cleanly.

Small flower beds like these are found a lot in the beautiful garden.

4. Sightseeing area

In addition to the above livable spaces, a garden is still an excellent place for you to "ah." That is the viewing area. Along with two comfortable recliners surrounded by greenery, this little corner is no small feat.

A close-up of the area specifically designed for sightseeing.

The ground floor is sprinkled with small pure white pebbles to keep it clean. Along with that are two comfortable long chairs.

The outdoor space is not only the place to grow flowers and plants but also to connect other family members closer. Developing the backyard also contributes to increasing your house's value and enhances your life's quality.

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