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New And Unique Bohemian Style Bathroom Design

Whenever life gets too busy and difficult, a warm and relaxing bath is a way for you to forget all your worries and stress. Decorating the bathroom in your favorite style is also a way to help you feel comfortable. Bohemian bathroom, also known as nomadic style, is a very good combination between modern and classic that is gradually becoming a new trend for many people. With playful, dynamic, and youthful features, this is a decoration option that is worth a try.

1. Classic

A vintage or vintage piece that doesn't go out of place in a Bohemian bathroom. Classic is one of the must-haves in this selection, whether it's reflected in the rug, the tub, or the vanity mirror. Usually, decorations in this style are not too expensive if you are buying antiques. On the market today, many brands produce classic-style products. Since they are brand new, durable, and easy to maintain, the price will also be more expensive.

2. Young and luxurious

While bright colors are a great idea for a youthful look, you can take a more laid-back approach with Bohemian decor. A vintage-style rug is a must, along with a few potted plants. Also, choose dark tones like blue and brown. Of course, you will also receive white items. If the bathroom has large windows, opening the curtains and letting the sunlight in will make the place brighter.

3. Nature

Plants play an important role in creating an atmosphere in Bohemian bathroom design. They can make you feel like you are outdoors and close to nature. Placing pots of different sizes with different plants, or hanging them on the windowsill is also a good idea. However, learn carefully about the plants you want to grow and how to care for them.

4. The power of color

Instead of letting the colors scatter around, then thinking about how to make them look harmonious. Wanting these to look great, you can try using black and white, and then add in as much light as you like. Tiles can also have a mosaic style to add to the hippie feel. More daring, try choosing a paint color for the vanity that is bright pink or orange. This will lift the mood of your entire bathroom.

5. Bold patterns and textures

Don't be afraid to opt for brightly colored rugs or stay away from brightly colored rugs, or patterned patterns on a tile background. There's no shortage of ways for you to relate these items to each other. You can also accentuate the Bohemian texture by displaying wicker baskets in different sizes. Or hang a large mirror that is meticulously decorated both functionally and aesthetically.

6. Combine with a modern style

If you're a lover of modern decor but also want a vintage feel, Bohemian has it all. Most often, they are presented in a minimalist bathroom painted in white. This color helps to create a clean and polished look. It also helps balance out brighter and more colorful Bohemian patches. For a natural feel, don't forget to add a few potted plants for decoration.

7. Bathroom curtain

According to the habits and culture of each region, many families do not choose to use curtains for the bathroom. However, with today's integration and cultural interference, this has gradually become the choice of many people. If you do not have an enclosed shower space, it is advisable to use curtains to create privacy and prevent water from escaping from the shower. It is also a cheap alternative to glass doors because it is easy to install and do yourself. You can change your curtain fabric regularly from a Bohemian textured fabric to a different fabric in a different style if you like.

8. Bathroom with Bohemian style is the main

Bohemian bathroom designs come in many different forms and you can easily express your style through them. You can make your bathroom partly Bohemian or completely Bohemian, depending on your preference. To decorate in this style, you can use Moroccan tiles, carpets, and curtains with unique patterns adorned with small potted plants. If you want a unique and fun bathroom then Bohemian is a suitable choice.

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