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How to Deal with Leaky Pipes Effectively?

There are many problems that occur with your home's water pipes after a period of use. Pipes are cracked, broken, or punctured due to many reasons. But whatever the reason, it is necessary to find a way to handle and repair hot and cold water pipes that are dripping, leaking, or leaking. The following article will reveal to you the most effective method of troubleshooting problems with water pipes.

1. Why periodic plumbing should be repaired?

If the leak is not detected and handled in time, it will lead to extremely serious consequences. Not only does it waste water, but it also pollutes the water.

In addition, the leak of water pipes causes the walls of the house to appear patchy and leaky, increasing the risk of causing mold and bacteria to appear. Not only causing unsightly but also threatening the health of family members.

Therefore, it is extremely important and necessary to handle leaky pipes and repair them periodically. Ensure water pipes have a long service life, and do not lose domestic water.

2. Effects of leaking faucets

Leaking faucets will lead to a number of serious impacts on your home's life and finances as follows:

- Leaking pipes are a really big deal, wasting water and costing you a lot more money every month for water that you don't use at all. Besides, leaks also cause serious damage to your home such as damaging ceilings, floors, walls, carpets, furniture, etc., and moisture will create conditions for mold to grow.

- Affects everything in the house: This is a bad situation if the water in your home has a strong leak, flowing all over the house, leading to mold, rust, and damage to objects.

- Not good for health: Leaking water in the house will create moldy conditions for harmful bacteria to grow. From there, it is easy to cause skin diseases, such as cholera ...

3. The main cause of water pipes leaking

Here are the main causes of leaky pipes :

  • Old plumbing system: If your home's water pipes have been used for a long time but are not repaired periodically, it will lead to broken pipes. This causes water to leak.

  • Unprofessional repairman: In the process of repairing water pipes, if the repairman is not skilled, causing the water pipe to collide strongly, will lead to cracks and water leaks.

  • Water leakage due to damaged rubber seals :

Rubber washers (or rubber washers) are indispensable for assembling components (faucets, showers, water supply pipes, etc.) into the plumbing system. Although these seals are small, they play an important role when it comes to sealing connections.

However, over time they can corrode, lose their elasticity, or break. At that time, the system will no longer be completely sealed as before and water may leak out. Stagnant water around the faucet of a sink or sink can be a sign that the grout is damaged.

  • Leaking water due to too much water pressure :

Strong water pressure will keep you comfortable in the shower, but too much water pressure can damage your pipes. According to longtime builders, houses in areas with stronger hydraulics are at higher risk of leaks. In some severe cases, water pressure can cause pipes to burst.

4. Signs that tell you your water pipes are leaking

To know if your water pipes are leaking or not, you can observe with the naked eye through the following signs:

- Drip water

If you observe that the water pipe is leaking, or the water is dripping, you need to deal with the leaky pipe right away. This is the most recognizable sign. If not corrected in time, it will lead to water loss and waste.

- The wall has a stain on it

This is also one of the typical signs that you need to pay attention to. Because most likely leaking water pipes lead to water seeping through the wall creating patches.

- Water meter abnormally increased

Usually, every household has its own water meter. Therefore, if your family does not use water but sees the meter jumping continuously, take note because this may be a warning sign that water is leaking in the pipes.

5. How to fix

Step 1: Locate the leak

Often the location of the water pipe is only leaking at the joint or due to a crack. So the first job to do is to determine where the leak is from.

Step 2: Prepare items and carry out repairs in case the water pipe leaks the joints.

In this case, you prepare a roll of duct tape.

When using duct tape or reinforcing twisted joints, simply wrap the adhesive around the joint's spiral, then simply screw the other joint to fit the two ends of the coupler together.

While installing the two ends of the coupler, there may be a problem that the water pipe end does not return to its original position but is facing up to the sky.

To fix the above problem, you just need to disassemble the two connectors and then add silk glue or remove a part of the glue that was initially wrapped, then reattach it so that there is the most stable position for the water lock. your. It's a method that everyone can do with just silk glue and pipes and locks that are connected by teeth or by screw pipes.

Step 3: Cases that can be handled quickly:

For locations where the gap is PVC plastic, such as cracks in water pipes, gaps between water pipes and pipe connections, etc., you can use a number of ways as follows:

Use PVC pipe glue to apply a thick outer layer. It should be noted that the surface must be dry and clean and then allowed to dry.

Use black ductile tape to wrap and secure several rings on the outside of the tube. This method can only be used in cases where the water pipe is cracked and the outside surface must be clean and smooth.

For articulated positions, you can:

Use silk glue to wrap the connectors first as soon as they are inserted.

Use wool dipped in leak-proof glue and wrap it between the joints, then tighten the joints.

6. Necessary Notes

As for how to deal with this leaky pipe, the most effective solution is to cut off the old or cracked joints and then use a new piece of water pipe to connect, Before connecting, you must apply a little glue for the plastic pipe to increase adhesion and thus prevent the joint from opening.

Note that when connecting pipes, you need to clearly define the flow of pipes, for example, the flow of water from your house's water pipes is from left to right, you must install pipes so that the left side is smaller than the right. That is, the right side will cover the pipe on the left, then the flowing water will no longer leak outside. As for the types of pipes that we use for clean water, you should catch them carefully, even fix them.

  • Choose the right faucet to replace

On the market, there are many different types of faucets such as hot and cold faucets, normal hand-held faucets, automatic flushing sensors, and different structures such as 1-hole, 2-hole, or 3-hole. Therefore, you should choose a faucet that matches the faucet you are using to replace it.

In addition, you should consider where the faucet will be located in the house, such as in combination with the shower, wall,... At the same time, you should also choose a faucet material made of stainless steel in order to increase the usage time and lower the leakage rate.

  • Choose a reputable brand

Currently, there are many stores that sell faucets with many different brands for you to choose from. You should choose a place that sells reputable and quality brands, to avoid buying poor quality products and expensive prices.

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