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How To Decorate And Create A Comfortable Space For Your Living Room?

To create a perfect living space, meaningful to each family. The interior design of the living room is always concern for homeowners. It has a great function and is associated with material and spiritual values virtually. It would be great if, after a stressful day at work, you could come home to rest and welcome your friends in a comfortable and luxurious room. Show personal taste and can also hide the pride of the owner - it can only be the living room.

The location

Do you think the living room should be located near the dining room? That's right. It is often the place where the spaces of the rooms are bound together. After relaxing with a tea ceremony in the living room, guests can also enjoy the dishes that the host hosts.

The center of the house should be left for the living room, pay attention near the door. Of course, this door must be the main door, so it shouldn't go directly into the living room, but usually through a room for people to leave hats, hats, shoes... outside.

The layout of the living room

The living room has 2 types:

Open living room: usually has the least wall area; Living room area, dining table, and maybe a part of the kitchen are arranged together or separated the space by bars or glass walls, low walls. Houses with a small and moderate area should arrange this type of living room because it will make the space airy and modern.

Closed living room: often have walls running to the ceiling, and there will be open surfaces in contact with nature to create beautiful views. Houses with the large area should arrange this type of living room so that they can arrange to display many items according to the needs of the owner, showing the owner's personality.

The living room is the most visited place by guests, so it must be given beautiful views, such as overlooking the garden, opening to the balcony, and veranda. If possible, the living room should be arranged in the South direction, because this direction receives the most sunlight, and in winter we also receive a lot of heat from this direction. Of course, the walls in this direction must also pay attention to the material to avoid the bad effects of the sun.

Usually, the rectangular living room is the easiest to arrange, but the square plan is a bit difficult. The center of the living room should have a few accents such as a fireplace, wide windows, a sofa, or special furniture.

The living room decoration style must be similar to the house style. If the house has a modern style, the living room interior decoration should use simple, streamlined lines to reflect the style. If the house has a classic European style, it is recommended to decorate the walls in a classic style such as ledges, moldings, and covering materials that can be used with wallpaper with gentle floral patterns and paint colors. must be gentle according to natural colors.

The living room is the main highlight of the house, impressing guests the most, it is a performance space, showing the owner's style. It should be comfortable, comfortable, interesting, attractive, and neat, and not be too much furniture. It must be harmoniously combined with many elements such as furniture, decorative walls, lighting, and floor materials... in a unified style.

The main furniture in the living room is usually a sofa set, television, and decorative cabinets; should arrange this group of furniture reasonably according to each type of living room and should combine other objects to create the main highlight. This chat area should be between 2.4-3m in diameter.

You should not arrange furniture in the living room arbitrarily, so it should be arranged so that it looks symmetrical, neat, and pleasing to the eye. Furniture should go in pairs such as a pair of lamps, or a pair of chairs... to create balance. We should arrange a sofa bed to relax and rest in the afternoon, sometimes used for guests.

If the living room is large, you can arrange an additional entertainment area for the living room such as a table for playing chess, playing cards... To make it easy to place lights or plug in an audio system, TV, etc., you should arrange an electrical outlet along the wall every 3m.

The living room is of special interest, decorated more elaborately than other rooms in the house because they are a special room in the house, it is a room that is often visited by many guests, a Show the style of the homeowner as well as it is the face of the house.

Design tips for your living room

1. Create an accent wall

An accent wall with a different paint color will not only make your space look more modern, but it will also make the space feel larger. Choose a warm color to enhance the attention, then place them on the center wall. Complete a space by adorning your accent wall with something bold, like adding a decorative mirror, etc.

2. Find the perfect coffee table

Usually, a couch will be the focal point of the space, but achieving a comfortable and perfect aesthetic requires the right coffee table. The coffee table helps to add a perfect texture to the living room space but also shouldn't overwhelm the whole space. The coffee table will also appear more prominent with additional furniture such as books, flowers, lamps, candles, etc. Create a focal point, but don't leave things cluttered. For small spaces, try replacing the coffee table with an ottoman for the same purpose, but it will look more luxurious and elegant.

3. Photo frames and art paintings

Your favorite photos and artwork not only enhance the home but also help to add personality to the space. By choosing luxurious frames and arranging and displaying them intelligently, your living room can gain charm and sophistication. A living room wall helps to emphasize the theme of the room. Place artwork behind a couch, or in an open area where images can shine.

4. Add blankets to the sofa area

A blanket provides a multi-functional decoration. This is a cost-effective way to decorate while helping to add rich texture to the space. And of course, their color adds a cozy nuance to your living room space. The texture of your living room space will also change easily by being creative in rotating blankets and rugs.

5. Beautify the room with a rug

When adding elements of color and coziness to a living room, a well-placed rug can transform a space. Choose a rug that speaks to the theme of the room, and don't be afraid to try intricate patterns, eclectic themes, or playful textures. Especially in homes with hardwood floors, a rug can work very well in serving the room's aesthetic.

6. Enhance natural light

A dark living room can make a space feel unattractive, so it's best to liven up the room with natural light. By keeping your windows open, and using clear glass, natural light will brighten the room, make it feel more spacious, and improve your mood. Curtains are an indispensable addition to a modern space. Not only are they comfortable adjusting the light intensity, but they also make the apartment space softer.

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