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How Often Do You Need Water Heater Maintenance?

Periodic cleaning and maintenance of the water heater is an important job for the machine to operate stably and sustainably and consume less power. Many people do not pay attention to the time it takes to maintain, leading to inefficient and expensive machine operation. Some people even think that when they are rarely used, they do not need to clean and check the machine regularly.

Working principle of water heater

Inside the water heater, there is a magnesium bar that absorbs calcium deposits and impurities to prevent corrosion of the walls of the tank. When the water is hot, this magnesium rod collects oxygen ions and dirt and does not allow the scale to stick to the inside of the tank and the heating rod. Without this magnesium bar, the ions will react with the metals in the tank, causing the risk of corroding the tank, damaging the heating rod, or limiting the efficiency of water heating.

Also, from this operating principle, the number of times cleaning and discharging the intestines of the bottle more or less depends on the quality of the clean water supplied to the tank. When cleaning and maintaining is necessary, the magnesium bar should be replaced with a new one so that the tank can run better

Why is it important to maintain the water heater?

Maintenance of water heaters will help your family avoid using dirty water, which consumes electricity and ensures safe use. Over a long period of use, the inside of the hot and cold water heater will adhere to a layer of dirty calcium deposits caused by calcium and impurities in the water form, this layer of dirt clings to the heater filament, reducing the ability to The heat of the tank causes electricity consumption.

Even if there is no periodic maintenance and cleaning of the water heater, it also causes the water heater to encounter difficult-to-treat problems such as punctured tank, water leaks, less hot tank, long hot, electric leakage, and short circuit... Especially in areas where water contaminated with alum or a lot of impurities is used, users need to regularly maintain and clean the water heater to keep it clean and avoid contaminating the water they use.

Normally, families often use the water heater in the cold season, in the summer, the machine "rests" so it creates a mentality that does not need cleaning and maintenance because it is not in use. But this is a completely wrong view. As mentioned above, long-term water in the tank will leave deposits that directly affect the operation and life of the machine.

Not to mention, the water heater is often installed in the bathroom, where there is high humidity and a lot of steam rises. As an electrical device, hydrophobicity is completely understandable. It is possible that during use, dynamic steam in certain components causes electrical leakage, and electrical contamination ... very dangerous for users. Therefore, the maintenance and cleaning of the hot and cold tank help to detect and promptly repair the malfunctioning of the machine.

When do you need to maintain your water heater?

After a period of use, your family's water heater suddenly encounters problems such as the red light but the water is not hot, the water is in the hot water tank for a long time, the water is not hot enough, and the temperature cannot be adjusted. , the tank has an electrical leak, the water flows weaker than usual, etc. This is the time for you to pay attention and maintain your hot and cold water heaters.

In addition, if the water heater still works normally, without any problems, you still need to maintain the tank periodically for 1 or 2 years, depending on the quality of the water source in the place of use. If you use the machine regularly or the water source where it is used as a lot of residues, you should maintain and drain the sediment at the bottom of the tank regularly every 6 months.

Furthermore, it is necessary to check and replace the heating resistor bar if it is found to have too much deposit to prevent the risk of the magnesium rod being worn, causing the ions to react with the iron metal in the tank, causing the shell of the tank to become damaged corroded rapidly.

Some signs that you need to maintain your water heater

In many cases, the used household water heater has not yet undergone maintenance but has many technical errors that make it difficult to use, and you should check and handle it soon. These failures are often related to the power supply, water pipes, heating, and heating equipment, causing the water not to be hot, running poorly, or the water heater not releasing water, or even the risk of electrical accidents. More specifically, some errors often occur when the water heater operates for a long time, such as:

  • Not hot or slow to heat

  • The set water temperature is not reached

  • Leakage of electricity, leakage of water

  • The temperature cannot be adjusted

  • Do not automatically cut off the power when it is hot enough.

In the above cases, the water heater not only has inconveniences when using it, but more serious is the risk of fire and electric shock. Therefore, when you see your water heater with any of the above signs, you must check the machine carefully for maintenance and repair immediately. For simple errors, you can refer to specific repair instructions for each case. However, to ensure that the correct and sufficient causes of damage are detected, you should contact a team of skilled and professional workers to ensure the safety of the whole family.

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