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5 Fast Ways to Clear the Sewer

If you are having a headache and do not know how to clear the bathroom drain quickly and effectively, do not ignore some of the tips below.

1. Unblock the bathroom drain with boiling water

This is the simplest way, but the efficiency is relatively high. Based on the temperature properties of boiling water, it can expand the obstruction and melt the grease stuck in the pipe easily. Let's follow the following steps:

  • Prepare about 5 liters of boiling water, maybe more if the drain pipe is too long.

  • Let the water in the drain out before proceeding.

  • Pour boiling water directly in until the water rises again; then, the boiling water will be full in the tube, and it can melt the fat in the tube quickly.

  • Repeat several times until the water recedes quickly.

2. Use a spring drain

If your drain is often clogged, you should buy yourself a spring drain. The wire will have a stiff blade design at one end, and the other end can be rotated thanks to the rotating shaft. When the shaft is rotated, the other end of the shaft will roll up the garbage and clogs inside the pipe and help unclog the drain.

You should gently rotate clockwise until you reach the blockage, then stop. Be careful not to try to rotate them further to push them down. Because this will be counterproductive, and even damage the pipeline.

3. Unclog bathroom drains with drain-unblocking powder

You can easily buy powder or drain cleaner at the grocery store or specialized cleaning supply store and follow the instructions:

  • Prepare 1 pack of drain powder, about 500g.

  • If the pipe has been drained, it is necessary to dissolve the chemical with 3 liters of water.

  • Pour chemicals directly into the sewer line.

  • Soak the chemical for about 12 hours so it can decompose the waste in the pipeline.

  • After 12 hours, rinse with clean water to check.

The presence of chemicals has solved thousands of problems with clogged toilets, drains, products that are highly appreciated by users today.

4. Use adhesive tape

This is an effective way to unclog drains, but it only applies to unclogging toilets. You prepare adhesive tape and rags to dry the toilet mouth, then stick the tape on the toilet bowl. It needs to be sealed and firm. Then press the toilet flush button; at this time, the surface of the tape will swell due to water pressure. You use your hand to slowly press down on the surface of the tape until the surface is out of pressure. Repeat the above steps a few times until the toilet is completely clear.

5. How to unclog a toilet with a clothes hook

- The fastest way to unclog the toilet is to take a clothes hanger, then straighten the hook.

Wrap the rag on one end of the clothes hanger. This will help the hook push the waste down more easily while avoiding direct impact with the toilet, or toilet, septic tank ...

- Continue to use the end of the rag to unclog the toilet by threading the wire into the toilet throat. You push deep into the toilet until you meet a hard, tight object. It is a blockage.

- You continue to push hard and shake the hanger, again and again, to push the clog out of the stagnant state in the toilet.

- When you see the water quickly and naturally recede, surely the hard object has drifted downwards. This means that the process of unclogging the toilet with a clothes hanger has been successful. You should rinse with clean water again to check.

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