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How to use a mini water heater for the kitchen

Water heaters are making popular household appliances in families. With the strong development of modern technology, the product lines of hot and cold water bottles were born with many different purposes, such as having a hot and cold water heater for hot showers and a specialized hot and cold water bottle for washing dishes. Surely you are also very curious about this type of product!

1. Why should you use a hot and cold water heater for the kitchen?

In winter, every woman is afraid to clean the kitchen, wash the pots and pans... because it's cold, and the water is quite cold. Although there are a few solutions, such as using a dishwasher or rubber gloves, it seems that women still want to have more choices. Then a hot water heater for the kitchen can be the most effective solution! This is a mini-sized water heater, so the capacity is only about 5 liters, mainly used to get hot water for the dishwasher. On the market today, this product line has not received proper attention from the community, so there are only a few brands that have dishwashers.

Should you use a water heater for the kitchen? This is definitely a question that everyone asks when they first hear about this product line. There are many reasons to equip this device for your family's kitchen; with it, women will be more convenient and accessible on cold winter days. Not only that, but washing with hot water also helps to wash away hard, dry stains on the surface of the disc or stains from grease on it much easier and cleaner than traditional hand washing as usual.

You also do not worry about using a hot and cold water heater for the kitchen, which will cost a lot of electricity. Because the capacity of the tank is only 5 liters, the operating capacity is even lower than that of a direct water heater, only 1500W, so your washing dishes will be effectively energy-saving. In addition, to ensure safety, the manufacturer also integrates the ELCB anti-shock mode like other product lines so that you can use it with peace of mind.

2. Advantages of hot and cold water heaters for the kitchen

- For direct water heater line:

Designed to be small, compact and still full of features. With just a light touch, you can immediately use hot water at that moment. Washing dishes on winter days with hot water not only helps clean dishes thoroughly, sterilizing bacteria but also keeps the skin of your hands from freezing.

- For indirect water heater line:

The principle of operation of this product line is that when the bottle is turned on, the water in the tank will be heated up, depending on the user's needs to adjust the appropriate temperature.

+ Because it is a mini line, it does not need a strong voltage current to run. As long as the power supply is stable, the water heater can still work well. The tank capacity is only 5 liters, so the power consumption is moderate, not too much.

+ Create favorable conditions for washing vegetables, tubers, fruits, bowls, plates, pots,... more easily. The water heater is capable of heating water quickly; you do not need to wait long, can also be used as soon as the power switch is turned on.

3. How important is it to install a water heater correctly?

Suggest a mechanic or self-install a water heater for the family.

Improper installation of the water heater can cause a fire when in use, fall due to misalignment, etc... So the installation of a water heater is not like other sanitary equipment; it needs to be correct and most technical.

In order to use the water heater to achieve the highest efficiency, increase the time of use, and, more importantly, the safety of the user, with experience from reputable technical experts in the profession, we recommend that customers call a mechanic to save money and time.

Note: Each manufacturer of hot and cold air conditioners has different uses; please ask your mechanic about how to use them.

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