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How to Prevent Sewer Water from Flowing Back into the House

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

1.What is the cause of the sewage flowing back into the house?

  • Sewer water flows back into the house due to a blockage

Blockages are the main cause of sewer water backing up into your home. You need to clearly identify the cause of the blockage in order to choose the appropriate solution.

Congestion will determine how much you will have to pay to fix. Therefore, you should regularly clean the drain to prevent blockage.

  • Sewer water flows back into the house due to flooding

It is a natural phenomenon that is not too strange in the city. Not only rural areas or lowland areas, big cities are also frequently flooded because the drainage system cannot keep up with large amounts of rain water for a long time. Besides, the awareness that people often litter the roadside sewers also contributes to blockages. From there, heavy rains will cause water from the sewer to rise and drain water back into the house is not difficult to see.

2. What are the symptoms of sewage flowing back into the house?

  • Sewer water flows back into the state drain drain slowly

The first sign that the drain is clogged is the fact that the water flowing into the drain pipe is slower than normal. At this point, you can intervene with the home remedies mentioned above to directly unclog the drain.

If you neglect to ignore this phenomenon, the blockage can increase and become serious. At that time, the drain will be completely blocked. Water cannot move through the sewer line and forms the phenomenon of sewer water flowing back into the house.

  • Sewer water flowing back into the house has a bad smell

Bad smell is also one of the early warning signs of a possible clogged drain. This phenomenon will appear throughout from the time the new blockage is formed until the sewer water flows back into the house.

3. How does sewage flow back into the house?

  • Sewer water flows back into the house causing aesthetics

Sewage often has a very bad smell and is accompanied by a lot of untreated waste. The backflow of sewage into your home seriously affects the aesthetics in and around your home. Even if you build a house with tens of billions of dollars with specialized furniture, the sewer will destroy it all. Trust me, you won't want to see that.

  • Sewer water flowing back into the house affects finances

Surely no one will solve it for you for free when sewer water flows into your home, and no method is completely free for you to use. Financial problems will always be present when problems occur.

You think regular cleaning is too laborious and unnecessary. But you will regret it by the time you spend to fix it when the sewer water flows back into your home.

  • Sewer water flowing back into the house affects morale

I wouldn't be able to bear to live with the unpleasant odors and unsightly appearance caused by sewage back-flowing into the house. The spirit of anyone, no matter how sharp, will be severely depressed.

  • Sewer water flowing back into the house affects health

Sewer water flowing back into your home increases the risk of exposing you and your family to a source of bacteria that are harmful to your health. They are abundantly found inside the sewer lines. Many bacteria can cause stomach upset, but the rest are not so friendly.

4. How to handle sewer water flowing back into the house

  • Sewer water flows back into the treatment house with a clothes hanger

I'm going to show you the most common method used by many people and myself to deal with backflow problems. The soul of this trick is a clothes hanger.

You need a hook made of metal that is designed to be a little sturdy. Then, you remove the hook and pull it straight so that the hook length is the largest. Next, you create a hook to hook the object out. During the procedure, you need to use a lot of force to pull the object out.

However, it is possible that the object will not be able to remove or fall deeper. All you need to do is wrap a thick layer of fabric around the top of the created hook. Then, use force to push the foreign body away from the point of obstruction.

Note: Using a clothes hook to handle drains running into the house is only used when the drain is slightly blocked.

- Sewer water flows back into the treatment house with hot water

Hot water has the ability to unclog drain pipes, this is a simple, but highly effective method. However, this procedure can only be used in cases where the blockage is caused by a liquid foreign body that is clumped or a membrane. Specifically, we can see a lot in the kitchen drain line. Because the used grease will be discharged directly here.

During the treatment process, sewer water flows into the house from the kitchen drain pipe. Since it is a method of treating hot water, you also need to be careful not to burn yourself.

  • Sewer water flowing back into the house is treated with baking soda

Using baking soda is an effective and widely known method of unclogging. In addition, baking soda has many other uses, but in the scope of today's article is not covered.

You need to mix baking soda with vinegar or want to eat with a ratio of 1:1. The mixture is then flushed directly to the location where the sewer water is flowing back into the house. After a period of 20-30 minutes, the drain will be unclogged and back to normal.

  • Sewer water flowing back into the house is treated with unclogging powder

Unclogging powder also uses a chemical reaction mechanism to treat sewer water flowing back into the house like baking soda. However, you will not need to make such a mixture. You just need to pour an appropriate amount directly into the clogged area.

Note: You need to adhere to the time printed on the package from the manufacturer. Then you pour in plenty of warm water to complete the unclogging process.

  • Sewer water flowing back into the house is treated with dishwashing liquid

Dishwashing liquid is also an effective way to unclog water backflow into the house. Mix dishwashing liquid with warm water in the right proportion and then pour it into the drain. Detergent in dishwashing liquid will slide the blockage out of the pipe. Besides, warm water will break up the grease structure making the unclogging process easier.

  • Sewer water flows back into the treatment house with a rubber piston

It is the most popular and well known tool. It's not surprising that rubber pistons are on the list of ways to deal with sewer water entering the house.

To use this method, you need to understand how the piston works. The rubber plunger will rely on human power to be the main, during the operation, take advantage of the pressure to push the foreign body in and out deeper, out of the drain pipe.

Pre-implementation, you need to dip the piston in warm water to soften the piston to increase grip on the drain. When you have fixed the piston mouth to the top of the drain, you use the force to push the piston down and then pull it up until the drain is unclogged.

However, this method proved to be effective for moderate to mild conditions. It can take up to a few dozen minutes to successfully unblock a blockage, depending on your endurance.

  • Sewer water flows back into the treatment house by raising the drain

When the weather falls in the rainy seasons, rainwater will cause the sewers to flood. From there, the sewer water flows back into the house.

To solve this situation, you need to contact a company that specializes in performing sewer lifting. At this point, when the drain is higher than the storm surge, the drain will no longer flow back into the house.

  • Sewer water flows back into the service contact house

In severe to severe cases. The blockage may be beyond your control. What you need to do is contact reputable services to solve the problem.

They have a professional team, modern machinery that can quickly control and solve the blockage.

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