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How to Prevent Plumbing Issues in Your Office

Plumbing issues are perhaps one of the most annoying things to deal with. This is even more accurate when it comes to office buildings. One clogged drain can affect multiple floors. The worst-case scenario is you have to solve health-related problems as a result. Fear not! There are ways to prevent plumbing issues in your office. This blog post will provide you with exactly that.

How to prevent plumbing issues in your office - Intro
You don't want to see your office messy like this

1. Consider using high-end plumbing facilities

Sometimes paying more will save you from a much bigger loss. The cost of fixing any plumbing fixture can be expensive. If more than one fixture gets broken, you’ll be looking at the fixing cost of thousands of dollars.

How to prevent plumbing issues in your office - use high-end plumbing fixtures
High-end fixtures will cost you less later on

That’s why several professional plumbers recommend high-end or highly-efficient appliances. The most noticeable benefit is saving a great amount of water, which means less water bill for you to pay.

2. Check for smelly restrooms

This doesn’t necessarily mean toilet. Any locations with drains or plumbing outlets worth checking out. If you can catch some unpleasant odor in any of them, it could be a result of a clog in your system. If left unchecked, they can quickly turn into severe damage to your office plumbing. We are talking about overflowing water, which carries many types of bacteria with it. Call a plumber as soon as possible when you encounter such leaks or clogs.

How to prevent plumbing issues in your office - Check for smelly bathrooms

Should you have experience with commercial plumbing, you can DIY by using a drain snake to pull the clogs out. Remember, refrain from pouring any chemicals down the drain, for they will damage your plumbing even further.

3. Inspect the water temperature

You seek to use hot water, but all you receive is cold water. This might be the water heater’s doing. A degraded or faulty water heater can affect the entire system, leading to a lack of hot water across it. To prevent this, check your water heater regularly to see if it works as intended.

How to prevent plumbing issues in your office - Keep an eye on water temperature

In case you need to reset, repair, or even replace the heater, a professional is needed. If you’re in San Jose, you can call us to fix your water heater.

4. Don’t overlook the leaks

How to prevent plumbing issues in your office - look for leaks

Any form of leakage is a sign of multiple causes. It can range from malfunctioned fixtures to water pressure. It might be a simple leak, but looking for the actual cause of it can be quite a hassle. It is highly advisable to check for water leaks every 2 to 4 months. When you encounter several leaks, call a plumber immediately. He can help you look for the root cause and deal with it as cleanly as possible.

Those are the ways you can prevent plumbing issues in your office. The larger your office is, the sooner you need to carry out those practices. If you are in San Jose and need your office plumbing checked out? You can give us a call, and we will be right over to assist you. Don’t carry out any risky moves regarding commercial plumbing if you don’t know how to proceed.


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