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5 Common Types of Water Heaters You Should Know

If you’re determined to become flawless at plumbing, the water heater is one of the factors you can’t overlook. The fellow provides each household with hot water in times of need and is irreplaceable equipment in commercial facilities. However, this doesn’t mean you can slap the same water heater into any matter you run into. Different water heaters are used for various distinct purposes. Here are 5 common types of water heaters you should know about.

Types of water heater - Intro

Of course, each type of heater does the same job of heating water up. However, they execute it in slightly different ways to one another, thus making them suitable in situations where others are not. Comprehending each of them can assist you in choosing what’s best for each project you’re working on.

1. Condensing water heater

If you come across a home using natural gas as the heating material. Instead of having a direct gas line like the standard heater, exhaust gas from your main heating system is utilized. It does have a water tank, so you can save water there for the time being.

Types of water heater - Condensing

Condensing water heaters has a slight advantage of cost saving. In the long run, it could prove useful if you’re more of a cost-efficient user.

However, this type of water heater heavily depends on you having a central heating unit. If you’re using electricity for any form of heating, you’ll be unable to use a condensing heater.

2. Standard water heater

Usually goes by the name traditional or storage water heater. It is among the most common types of water heaters. There are two types of this heater, electric-based and gas-based. Electric-based is cheaper but doesn’t heat water as quickly as the gas-based one.

Types of water heater - Storage
Storage water heater is the most common among heaters

Standard water heaters have storage tanks to store water in for later use. The only downside to this type of heater is it does require regular cleaning and maintenance to be highly functional.

3. Solar water heater

If you’re an environmental pacifist, there is indeed a choice for you. With solar to its name, this kind of heater utilizes solar energy to heat water.

Types of water heater - Solar

Inexpensive is an upside to this water heater, which means you will have hot water to spare throughout the year. Some manufacturers also produce solar water heaters for you to use in cold weather.

You can see the disadvantage of solar heaters as they rely on the sun’s energy. Cloudy or rainy weather will not be suitable for this heater.

4. Tankless water heater

Among these common types of water heaters, tankless is perhaps the most advanced out of the whole bunch. It contains a sensor to detect water flow. Since it only heats water when necessary, the heater is extremely power-efficient and not costly to operate.

Types of water heater - Tankless

The con of using this heater is it is the most expensive out of these 5 common types of water heaters. The other problem with going tankless is the number of outlets. Having too many water outlets can prove too much for this water heater. That’s why you mostly see tankless heaters in restaurants or cafeterias. It is among the highly-recommended plumbing tips for a restaurant.

5. Heat pump water heater

This heater pulls the air from outside of your building or home into the water tank. Since anything environmentally dependent is cost-efficient, you can save yourself a large sum of money in the long run.

Types of water heater - Heat pump

Heavily relies on hot air; cold weather locations are not where this type of heater would thrive.

Those are the 5 common types of water heaters you should know about. These water heaters would be useful in different conditions or living standards. You should choose them wisely to avoid unnecessary expenses regarding this equipment.

If you have trouble choosing or installing water heaters in San Jose, you can give us a call. We’ll be right with you.

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