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What you need to know about tree showers

The need for showers never shows any sign of abating because this is an indispensable device in the bathroom. Bringing both convenience and an excellent experience for you. Here are the basic features of a good shower set that you should know.

1. Material of the shower

Currently, on the market, shower products are made from many materials such as pure aluminum and stainless steel, but mainly alloys of copper and zinc with many other alloys such as lead (Pb), iron (Fe), aluminum (Al), chromium (Cr), nickel (Ni), Antimony(sb). This other metal content dramatically affects users' health, so international standards often regulate lead and impurity content to ensure safety for users. High-end, genuine products today all have cores made from copper (Cu). This material has many advantages, such as good hardness, high abrasion resistance, good ductility, and easy processing... You should choose a reputable brand when the lead content in the product meets the standards at home and abroad to ensure safety for health. The most significant difference between the showers lies in the outer coating material. Commonly used outer plating materials are nickel and chromium.

The feature of a good shower product line is a smooth and bright white shine on the surface. The main component is the Nickel - Chromium metal mixture coating on the outside. With newly purchased shower models, you can directly mirror them. That's why when buying, you should distinguish what is genuine, what is fake, and what is poor quality.

2. About the size

Tree shower is a type of shower that is also designed to be very convenient when divided into two types. One has a fixed height; the other has a variable height. Usually, the size of the shower installation by section is as follows:

- The standing lotus body has a height of about 1m to 1.2m

- The horizontal lotus body has a standard length of about 40 to 50cm

- The lotus bowl is a part with a standard diameter of about 20 to 25cm

Shower showers are diverse in design, with many different product lines. Before buying, you must carefully determine the size of the family bathroom and the layout of the sanitary equipment inside to choose the most suitable product.

For larger spaces, the choice of a tree shower will be the perfect solution to help you enjoy comfort and class while bringing different highlights to the overall space.

3. Pay attention to the water pressure

Another note when choosing to buy a standing shower product is that the water pressure must be strong. This depends mainly on the capacity and location of the water tank.

As for the location, if the tank is located 2-3 floors from the bathroom, it is not recommended to use a standing shower. Because the water pressure will be weak, the performance will not be high, which will cause water waste. The only solution is to install a booster pump system. However, this will be cumbersome, leading to increased costs.

4. Clear production brand

Depending on the quality it is made of, each hygiene product will have different evaluation criteria. If porcelain products are evaluated on porcelain enamel, metal products are evaluated by the proportion of copper in the lotus body.

The durability of the shower faucet depends mainly on the copper ratio. But in fact, to increase the product's durability, there are additives in the market that mix and burn with copper. These additives directly affect the health of the user – and this factor is difficult to evaluate through the senses. It is difficult to distinguish the real from the fake.

Choosing a shower brand with clear origin and quality will also help you feel more secure in the process of using and maintaining the product. Some prominent shower brands include Eurolife, Mitsubishi Cleansui, Empire, and TOTO ...

5. Reasonable price

You should not invest too much in the shower set, which exceeds the family's economic conditions. After all, this is just a product that serves the minimum living needs.

For brands like Toto and Grohe, consumers will have to spend quite a lot. For families who want to own a more affordable standing shower set, brands like Inax, Krasic faucets, Caesar faucets, .. are more suitable.

With the information and experience just detailed above, hopefully, readers have had enough confidence to buy the bathroom space themselves, a system of showers and plants that are both suitable for the overall architecture, both good quality and reasonable price but still ensure aesthetic value!

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