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Interesting Ideas To Refresh The Bathroom Space

Those are simple but effective ways to decorate the bathroom to make the family bathroom space more modern and impressive. If your bathroom has become boring, you can refer to the ideas below to create interesting accents for this space.

1. Create a highlight for the room painted in bright colors

Not only white but soft light colors will also help your bathroom look cleaner and airier. However, you should also create a gentle accent, such as hanging a picture on the wall or hanging a chandelier in the middle of the room to make the space cozier.

In addition, there are quite a few colors that can give your bathroom fresh air while still showing off different styles. If you like light, simple but delicate, choose white in combination with a large mirror placed in the room. If you want a fresh feel, choose a dramatic mint or navy blue. If you like a gentle vintage style, pastel gray is the right choice, especially when you decide to add a few decorative items, such as a flower pattern picture frame or a neat burlap rug ...

2. Distinguish towels by the color of the hanger

In the shared bathroom of a family, if each person chooses a towel color, the bathroom will become mixed in many colors. Instead, you can choose a fixed color for all family members and differentiate by sewing each scarf a nice little hanger with different colors.

3. Buy more general storage items

In addition to the cabinets and shelves often used in the bathroom, you should use items such as trays, and or boxes with lovely textures to help decorate items such as roof clips, earrings, and necklaces ... to store. more "secure" storage.

4. Create a smart storage corner

You can make the most of the cabinet space by "stuffing" more hooks and small boxes to create more smart storage for the bathroom.

5. Clever in choosing wallpaper

Choosing wallpaper or paint color is one of the most important factors to bring to the overall beauty of the room. Depending on your preferences and abilities, you can choose to paint one color or mix multiple paint colors to create color blocks or textures.

6. Use your favorite fabric color as a shower curtain

Your bathroom will be more charming when choosing fabric curtains with your favorite texture. When choosing curtains, you should also pay attention to the thickness of the curtain to create privacy in the common living space of the family.

7. Creative for windows

The window frame is the place to help get light and help the bathroom air fresher. You can help your soul relax more when blending into the romantic scene by the window by planting a small flower pot or placing a picture frame of the family…

8. Make the most of doors

You can use the back of the door as a hanger for towels or clothes to help the family relax space neater.

In addition, the space above the door is less focused. But this place can design unexpected utility bathroom storage corners. You just need to attach a wooden or metal open shelf to have a place to store towels, and toilet paper, …

9. Installation of lighting system

This is an important factor. Combine wall lights with gentle colors to make the room lighter and cooler when designing the bathroom and kitchen cabinet design. Stocking up on candles such as cup candles, tree candles, and floating candles will help promote ... the maximum effect to bring shimmering, romantic beauty and attractive fragrance to the bathroom space in the mornings. beautiful evening. Scattered candles can be placed near the Cotto bath and washbasin so that the candles emit fragrance at the accents to make the space more attractive.

10. Add a pot of green plants

Growing plants in the bathroom is a good idea that many people apply today. Planting green plants will both help refresh the space and help the bathroom's feng shui become more pleasant and lively. In addition, some plants also have the effect of purifying the air and repelling insects. The plants you can choose to plant in the bathroom such as Aloe vera, tiger tongue, mint, ivy, spiderweb, betel nut, and orchid...

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