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How to properly pipe the water for the bathtub

In a modern and developed society like today, the bathtub is a device that many families prefer and choose because of its modern features and uses. You intend to buy a bathtub for your family bathroom space, but you don't know how to pipe the bathtub properly. Follow the article below to get the most accurate answers for you.

How to go for effective plumbing, you need to be technically sure when constructing water pipes. In order to prevent water from leaking from the pipe, wasting water, and damaging the wall when it is flooded, special attention should be paid to connecting the pipe firmly, not leaving it open. Besides, to ensure efficiency, it is also necessary to pay attention to cleaning as well as periodic maintenance. To detect errors and failures for timely replacement and maintenance.

1. How to plumbing for a bathtub

Firstly, it is necessary to prepare drainage pipes and water pipes of Ø 21mm type on the wall or the floor. Each type of faucet is placed in the direction from the bottom when lying in the bath to avoid the situation when sitting and standing will be bumped into the water supply faucet.

Second, build a drainage hole for the floor to prevent water from getting trapped on the floor. And in the case of leaks in any position of the bath. The drainage pipe should choose a pipe Ø 50 and about 3 cm higher than the floor. Depending on the size of each type of bathtub that you want to install. Therefore, it is necessary to choose carefully to avoid leakage when using.

Third, install the drain coupling with the bathtub. You should build about 2 to 3 rows of bricks with sizes from 10cm to 30cm to support the bathtub to help prevent slipping as well as to fix the bathtub effectively. Build around the 3-sided bathtub, respectively, with the width and height of each type.

As a final step, proceed to assemble the coupling to flush with the bathtub. In this step, assemble the bathtub according to the instructions and apply silicone sealant on the top of the tub. After the installation is complete, remember to turn off the faucet to see if there is a water leak or not to take the most timely repair measures possible. Then connect a pipe of size Ø 50 to the drain pipe and apply extra tape outside. This is an important part of your bathtub plumbing that you need to pay close attention to.

2. Notes on plumbing for the bathtub

A bathroom is a place that is often exposed to water, so the humidity is high. Therefore, when installing the bathtub, you should do it carefully, especially when constructing the drain pipe. Because if the drainage pipe is not carefully constructed, it will cause water to leak and seep into the wall, creating algae, bad odors, and harmful bacteria...

Besides, it is also necessary to design water supply and drainage pipes to ensure the aesthetics of the bathroom. So that when looking at the bathroom, you feel the comfort and scientific arrangement of the bathroom space. Bathtubs and piping systems need to be calculated to the appropriate size for the space. Ensure the technical requirements, then proceed to the plumbing for the bathtub.

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