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7 hotel plumbing tips you should know

Running a hotel is nowhere near an easy feat. Multiple customers will use your bathrooms and toilets every day. You need to make sure that everything is smooth as butter to bring the best values to the customers. That makes plumbing so important to be kept intact. Any minor errors can drastically undermine customer experience. This post will give you some hotel plumbing tips you can apply to enhance the overall quality of your service.

Hotel plumbing tips can vary greatly. That’s why we will categorize them into two sections to avoid confusion. There will be tips to prevent potential hotel plumbing issues and those for maintenance.

How to keep your hotel away from plumbing issues

There are several tips for you to pull off to fully prevent future plumbing problems in your hotel. Aside from their obvious benefit of improving customer experience, hacks like these can ease the workload of your housekeeping staff.

  • Choose your soap carefully: Ever noticed some white chunks covering your drain? Those are the results of soap bars. They are cheaper than liquid soap, but they’re prone to producing scum stuck in your drain. To counter that, you can consider using liquid formulas, even equipping each bathroom with dispensers.

  • Keep your eyes on hard water: If you come across hard water, you might want to use a water softener. Corrosion and calcium deposits on shower heads and tubs stem from this agent. Leaving this unchecked can make it harder to clean those fixtures and decrease water pressure. Both of which can harm your guests’ experience.

  • Use drain covers or hair catchers: The most common cause of plumbing clogs is hair. To simply solve this, apply drain covers or hair catchers over the drains. You can easily remove hair from those items after every guest checks out.

Ways to maintain your hotel plumbing efficiently

Some of the great hotel plumbing tips to better maintain your system are as follows:

  • Water temperature: This factor affects your hotel plumbing network directly. Irregular pressure can wear down your equipment over time, thus annoying the customers. You should have a monitor installed to measure the water pressure at all times.

  • Check your drain frequently: Clogs are horrifying to bump into when it comes to running a hotel. To make sure your hotel plumbing runs smoothly, don’t wait for clogs to happen. Instead, have a schedule for cleaning your drain. It’s best to go through all of them during off-seasons. That way, you can guarantee that your plumbing is free from clogs for the rest of the year.

  • Take a look at your pipes: The current state of your hotel plumbing system can be shown through your pipes. When issues happen, your lines are already in bad shape. Regular checkups of your pipes can help you spot any potential problems, thus assisting your plumbing-related decision-making process later.

  • Go through your system to find leaks: A leak can basically happen anywhere in your plumbing. A leak can be responsible for 500 – 3000 gallons of water wasted annually. To avoid both customer dissatisfaction and higher water bill, it’s vital that you have your staff check each room for leakage routinely. Any drips, water damage on ceilings and walls, or even slow-draining facilities can be quite alarming.

Reports from customers are golden

Sometimes, you can’t cover everything due to outside interference. At times like that, your guests can inform you of any plumbing-related affairs. You can make sure that your customers can do that, and you will get to resolve the problems as soon as possible.

Those are the 7 hotel plumbing tips you can apply to keep your hotel functional plumbing-wise. They might sound simple, but they do take time to execute correctly. If you happen to own a hotel in San Jose and struggle to implement these tips, give us a call. We’ll be right with you.

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