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What Type of Water Well Pump Do You Need For Your Home?

Water pumps are one of the mandatory household appliances that every home needs, especially well water pumps that many households living in rural areas have been using. Therefore, the need to buy well water pumps is still of great interest to many consumers. However, how to choose a good quality water pump with high durability and reasonable price when the market is very diverse in both types and models?

Before buying any type of pump, you should carefully learn about the purpose of use and the water source of your family. Check the depth of suction, the flow to be achieved, the capacity, and the pump placed submerged or on the ground. From there, you will be able to buy a suitable pump, avoiding losing time for both sellers and buyers.

Learn the family well water pump.

Borehole pumps, also known as rocket water pumps, are devices that use electricity to exploit underground water circuits used to draw water from wells up to 30m deep to serve the purpose of living, production, and irrigation,... It is widely used in rural, urban, industrial, apartment, hospital, and even your family.

Home Well Pump is a type of pump used in the home with a small capacity and pressure head flow. Only use single phase 220V voltage, so it is suitable for minor purposes. Let's find out the structure and operation principle of the well water pump.

Borehole water pumps

Well water pumps usually consist of two main parts: the motor and the pump chamber. These two parts are linked together by screws, so it is very convenient to disassemble easily.

  • Designed cylindrical, vertical shaft type.

  • Long body, compact size, easy to install with wells.

  • The case is made from high-grade raw materials, resistant to oxidation and corrosion.

  • Works on single-phase, 3-phase asynchronous motors or one-way motors.

  • The water pump has good electrical insulation.

Principle of operation of well water pump

Based on the centrifugal suction force, water will be introduced into the regulation center of the impeller, thanks to the water, centrifugal force will be pushed out of the impeller, and the impeller transmits energy to the liquid, thereby creating pressure and kinetic energy to help the liquid move.

For pumps with multiple vane stages, the higher the thrust in a flow range, the pump is designed with a concentric discharge throat, and the pump shaft is located, so it is easy to install and operate more efficiently.

How to Choose the Right Well Water Pump for Your Family?

Based on the intended use

Depending on the purpose of use, you will choose the most suitable domestic water pump. If only using a well water pump to pump water from the pipe into the tank, it is recommended to choose a vacuum pump because this type of pump can suck water without priming in case of running out of water.

If you want to push water to higher floors, such as apartments, or high-rise buildings, you should choose centrifugal pumps because this type of centrifugal pump has a great thrust.

Buy a household water pump based on elevation.

A required well water pump can push the water up to a minimum of 1.5 times the height to be sucked and push the water. Because usually, after a period of use, the thrust of the water pump can be reduced because the engine is weak.

  • If the height is 10m or higher, you should choose the type of deep well water pump and compressed air pump.

  • If the height is only 5 – 6 m, you can choose the type of domestic well water pump with a conventional propeller structure.

Buy pumps based on installation location and specifications.

When buying a domestic water pump, it is necessary to rely on the location of the good installation. If the location of the machine is at the end of the pipe, and there is low water pressure, it is best to choose the type of machine with a horizontal axis. Because these types of machines will have a more durable push, in the process of use, there is no need to bait water because of the large water flow (5m3/h).

In addition, the selection of specifications for the domestic well water pump will have a very important role. It will help your family save 10-20% of electricity consumption. In addition, choosing a suitable domestic well water pump also helps the pump to operate stably, without overload or over capacity.

For a house of about 2 – 3 floors, it is recommended to choose a well water pump with a capacity of 125 – 150W. For houses with 4-5 floors or more, the required pump capacity must be greater than or equal to 200W.

Based on the function of the pump head

When buying a domestic borehole pump, in addition to paying attention to the capacity of the pump, it is necessary to pay attention to the pump head. This is a pretty important part because the pump head will help avoid waste, avoid unnecessary electricity consumption.

Pumps from wells should use suction heads with double rotors. As for the pump that draws water from the hydropower, it is recommended to use a suction head with a single impeller.

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