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Indispensable furniture for the bathroom

The bathroom always contains many items related to cleaning, from the face, nose, feet, hands, etc., to the whole body. Therefore, it is inevitable that they will become messy and messy at times. Here are creative items indispensable in increasing the storage capacity of the bathroom and helping you to organize your makeup, towels, and toiletries.

1. Towel rack

Using open shelves or cabinets to store towels, towels, or even scented candles or essential oils helps to keep them from getting wet or wet from the water of the bathroom. Save shelf space by trying to roll larger towels, so they fit inside small slots.

2. Take advantage of the space of the cabinet door

When it comes to storage, don't neglect to utilize the space of the door. Add plastic hooks, or add iron racks to store more items. Using hooks or baskets mounted on hooks will save more space without you having to drill or punch the wall, affecting the layout of the room. In addition, make sure to arrange items reasonably to facilitate opening and closing the door.

3. Baskets

Attaching to the wall baskets with the right material according to your preferences is also an effective way to store items in the bathroom. Each basket will have items with different functions, making it easy to get to use when needed. Note to fasten if you intend to put heavy objects, and at the same time, you should put dry objects, such as towels and cotton pads, ... on a higher floor to avoid splashing water on them.

4. Compac shelf

Instead of rummaging through a drawer to find the items, you're looking for, store your items on an open shelf to make them more organized. Take advantage of the vertical open space, easily visible to the naked eye, so you can quickly get to the items you need without cluttering the area.

5. Hangers

Hanging racks can be an effective choice to store items such as shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, perfume bottles, ... or bath towels, and soaps, ... You should hang them on hooks or attach the latch in an easily accessible location. With such racks, you not only arrange things neatly and logically but also help these items stay dry, avoiding mold in the bathroom's humid environment.

6. Drawers

Drawers are always a handy storage idea for anywhere in the house. In the bathroom, you can take advantage of spaces such as under the sink, standing cabinets, hanging cabinets, ... to design more drawers. This storage method allows you to clean the view and store items you do not want to be exposed to, such as toilet paper, unused bottles, shampoo bottles, and body lotions,...

7. Versatile furniture

Instead of buying bulky shelves or baskets, you can also use multi-purpose furniture. You can choose mirrors that can be easily opened as above, normally a mirror for looking at and applying makeup, but behind is a utility storage place. In addition, the trend of wall cabinets is also very popular today. It not only helps to maximize the space but also helps the bathroom become neater. The hidden items also help simplify the space and do not distract the viewer.

8. Mobile trolley

This stroller is a useful option that you can use in every corner of the bathroom, no matter if you are soaking in the tub without having to get up and go out to get the items you need. In addition, there are towels, face towels, oils, and creams. This is also the perfect choice for girls who like to dye their hair at home.

9. Cabinet

If your bathroom has a lot of items, think about getting a freestanding cabinet with the right capacity. Nestled in the gap between the sink and the wall, the glass cabinet will be able to hold more towels, scented candles, or a small potted plant. This matching addition not only gives you more layers of storage space but also helps hold things like toilet paper or toiletries that you've always wanted to hide.

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